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Technology, especially the ominous “Cloud”, is changing just about everything in today’s age. Trucking and fleet management have changed as well. Because technology allows for much more connectivity between drivers and drivers, and drivers and management, there have been new opportunities.

The technology that has improved connectivity gives us the chance to stay connected obviously, but it also helps improve cost-effectiveness and conduct preventative maintenance in real time. Here’s how it works.

Better Visibility

Before, it was nearly impossible to find out driver behavior was like when drivers were out on the road. This can cause problems like wasted fuel, reckless driving, unnecessary stops, and so on. But automated solutions allow fleet managers to monitor drivers and trucks in real time.

To some, the idea of an all-seeing eye might be unsettling. But what it does is help managers oversee drivers on the road, allowing them to reduce costly driver behavior, and micromanage drivers to make sure that customers are satisfied in the end.

Preventative Maintenance

Remote control also allows fleet managers to check up on the status of the fleet, and take care of vehicles before anything even happens.

Alert services can remind managers when to make inspections and help improve the health of the fleet. This technology gives them notifications when batteries are low, when the check engine alert comes on, when fluids are low, and more.

The real-time availability helps you get the most life out of each truck in the fleet, but more importantly, it can also keep your drivers safe on the road. In the past, preventative maintenance was something that was practically impossible to look out for while drivers were out on the road.


Back to the all-seeing eye, managers have the opportunity to optimize their budget and monitor where costs are being lost, or maybe, where they’re being saved. Now, each driver can be monitored on their route, and connectivity shows you what along the way might be costing you, whether it be excessive engine idling, reckless driving, or a truck in need of maintenance.

In addition to connectivity, technology can help managers track mileage much more accurately, and then maximize their tax deductions as a result. When filing taxes, it makes it easier to get the most deductions and save the most money.

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