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There are some must-have items you should have in your truck all the time. Emergencies don’t come with much, if any, warning. And when they do hit, you’ll thank yourself that you were prepared for any situation.

Here are five essentials that will prepare you for many of the situations you could find yourself in.

Truckers Atlas


Everyone should have an atlas in his or her vehicle, truck driver or not. There are times when a GPS may not be helpful to you, such as when you are in a place with no service. Also, atlases are nice because you can quickly choose an alternate route. GPS’s may be great at times, but when you need to take the road less traveled, they are more of a pain than anything.


Extra Money/Credit Cards


You never know when disaster might strike. It’s better to always be thinking ahead if something should go wrong than for something to go wrong and not be ready for it. You may run out of gas or need a vehicle repair or even just need a snack, and you can’t do that without having money.


Sleeping Bag/Pillow


Especially if you live in a place where the weather is unpredictable, like Ohio. It could be 20 degrees one hour, and the next be on its way to 70 degrees. If you get stranded in a storm or just need to pull over to get some rest, a sleeping bag and a pillow could come in handy.


National Truck Stop Directory


The recommended truck stop directory over 6,000 U.S. and Canada chains and independent truck stops and a list of services they each provide. What’s better is that they are listed in interstate exit order and alphabetically by city and state, so finding one near you will not be difficult, no matter where you are in the United States or Canada. Put down your phone or GPS and grab a truck stop directory instead.


Up-to-date Emergency Contact Information


You should keep a list of emergency contacts in your wallet as well as important information regarding your health in case you should ever get into an accident while on the road. This will help the paramedics know what’s going on and who you are and who to contact if they should ever need to.


Let’s face it, things happen on the road, and it’s better to be expecting the unexpected so that if/when something happens, you can be prepared. Knowing that you have these items – and more – in your truck while you’re on the road can put your mind at ease.


While these items are simply must-haves, there are many more parts and supplies every trucker needs. At North Dixie Truck and Trailer, Inc., our parts department is fully stocked with everything you’ll need. And if there’s a part you can’t find on our shelves, we’ll get it for you. Contact our Parts Division at 419-222-8785 or stop by 2084 North Dixie Highway in Lima, Ohio 45801.

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