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It is expensive to be in the commercial trucking business. Fuel, maintenance, repairs, driver’s salary, insurance… it all adds up pretty quick. In fact, according to The Trucker’s Report, the average operating cost of a commercial truck is $180,000! For businesses to stay profitable, it’s essential to run a tight ship by making everything run as efficiently as possible. One way to do that is to invest in your fleet by making upgrades that will help to reduce operating costs. Here are 5 upgrades to consider:

LED Lighting

Switch your headlights from incandescent or halogen lights to LED lighting. While LED lights are much brighter than traditional headlights, they are also a more economical option for fleets because they last longer and consume less power.


Idle Reduction Device

Whether it be sitting in traffic, waiting to drop a load or parked to allow the driver to sleep, eat or relax in the cabin; idling is a big part of the everyday operational time. Generally, about 45% of a truck’s time is spent idling. That’s a huge chunk of time! To help make this time more efficient, installing an idle reduction device can help limit this cost.


Automatic Tire Inflation System

From the significant loss in fuel efficiency to tire failures and blowouts, underinflated tires can lead to a host of problems that affect a fleets bottom line. Installing an automatic tire inflation system will ensure that a truck’s tires maintain the proper tire pressure at all times, keeping drivers safe and making trucks more fuel efficient.



The United States EPA suggests that improving the aerodynamics of your truck and trailer could potentially improve your fuel economy up to 15% and save you nearly $4,000 in fuel costs. Aerodynamic technologies that can be added to your truck to take advantage of the savings are a nose cone, trailer skirt, mud flaps and trailer tail.


Single Wide Tire

Tires eat up a big portion of a fleet’s budget. One way to help save in this area is to invest in single wide tires. Single wide tires offer weight savings, a softer ride, and reduced rolling resistance saving fuel and energy the truck puts out.

Yes, making the suggested improvements will cost you money but in the end, you will make that money back and then some!


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