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Oh, what an ounce of prevention can do.

Picture your truck humming along the cold highways this winter. No problems. No worries. Just getting to your destination without the low temperatures causing you any problems.

Now picture the flipside: Frozen, stuck, hoping for help.

Obviously, nobody wants the latter — not fleet managers, not drivers. So it’s important you get your heavy-duty diesel system ready now for the cold months ahead. By using some basic winterizing guidelines you can keep your vehicle running smoothly during the frigid months to come.


  1. Check your antifreeze freezing point. Proper freezing point is anywhere from -30F to -60F, depending on your region. Your local Truck Center, such as NDI, will inspect the cooling system to see if there are any issues that could get worse in cold temps, that includes coolant tests to make sure your coolant is at the optimum freeze point.
  2. Check your air dryer for proper operation. The air dryer protects the brake system by collecting and removing air contaminants that can freeze water in the lines and make brakes inoperable.
  3. Check your fuel filter and water separator. Fuel contaminates shorten the service life of your engine, which leads to expensive repairs. By checking your water separator and buying a new fuel filter, you cut down on that risk.
  4. Check for water in your fuel tank and add an additive. Parafin in diesel fuel causes diesel to gel when it cools, leading to engine malfunctions. Anti-gel additives boost engine performance.
  5. Check your block heater for proper operation.
  6. Check the batteries. Cold temps suck the life out of batteries quicker. Make sure you check the age and lifecycle of your battery before winter.


The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is especially true when you spend life on the road.

Truck drivers should always adhere to a proper maintenance schedule and follow the services of their manual. Many of the above tips are in most manuals. We highly recommend you have a trained professional like the mechanics at North Dixie Truck and Trailer, Inc. check your vehicle before winter starts so you’re not stuck with a frozen truck at some point this winter.


Whether it’s maintenance checks, new parts like batteries, fuel filters, additives and coolants or tire chains, NDI has everything you need or we’ll get it. Just stop by our store today at 2084 North Dixie Highway, Lima, Ohio 45801 or call us at 419-222-8785 to make an appointment. And if an emergency does strike, our 24/7 Emergency Service line is always ready to help, 1-800-440-9523.


(SOURCE: NDI Shop Supervisor Thomas Anderson)



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