Common problems with air springs

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An air suspension system is a type of truck suspension that is an engine-driven air pump or compressor, that pumps air into a rubber tube, which will then expand and raise the chassis from the axle. Air suspension systems have two main purposes. First, it’s job is to keep you feeling comfortable so you can enjoy a smooth ride. And secondly, it’s there to ensure safety by maintaining proper ride height. You can run into trouble if the air springs, which is a main component of an air suspension system, begins to show signs of wear or they are broken.

Here are some common problems with air springs and things to look for if you suspect air spring issues:

Low Ride.
If your rig seems a little off balance or one side is sitting lower than the other, then something is up with the either the air springs or the compressor. If air is not able to properly inflate, then one side will be noticeably lower.

Bumpy Ride.
Remember, that one of the jobs of the air suspension system is to give you a smooth a ride. You are not supposed to feel every bump and pothole you drive over. So if the ride begins to feel bumper than usually, you more than likely have a problem.

Air Leaks.
Since the entire suspension system is dependent on air, problems will certainly arise if you have an air leak. If suspect a problem, then we suggest you look for air leaks. The easiest way to tell if you have a leak, is to break out the old soap and water. Run soapy water around the fittings; if bubbles begin to form then BINGO – there’s your problem.

Deformed Air Springs.
Deformed air springs is pretty typical and common. This can happen from a number of causes such as improperly handling or storage. In addition to checking for deformities, you’ll want to assess for any other damage that could be visible.

Bursted Air Springs.
When air springs burst it’s usually a result of overloading your rig. This is why it is important to always know the maximum weight limit of your trailer and to make sure you never exceed it. Trust us, this is not a pleasant thing to experience so don’t push the limits.

Overall, it’s best to regularly inspect your air springs for any of the potential issues above and to proactively have regular maintenance and repairs done to keep you off the side of the road.


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