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The pre-trip inspection is the most important procedure a truck driver must complete before a trip. Why? Safety.

In fact, it’s so important that before truck drivers can obtain a CDL license, they must be able to perform an entire pre-trip inspection during a CDL skills test with a state-approved CDL examiner.

Whether you are trying to study up and pass your test, or if you’re just looking to brush up on your skills (always a good idea), we’ve got your complete pre-trip checklist. This is the checklist we use to help truck drivers perform their pre-trip inspection and we encourage you to use it also.

Following this thorough list will help you stay safe on the road and will help you arrive at your destination on time and without issues.

blog2What to check:

—     The Engine

—     The Transmission

—     The Clutch

—     The Steering Mechanism

—     The Horn

—     Windshield Wipers/Washers

—     Rear Vision Mirrors

—     Lighting Devices and Reflectors

—     Parking Brake

—     Service Brakes

—     Air Lines/Light Lines

—     Coupling Devices

—     Tires

—     Wheels and Rims

—     Emergency Equipment


It’s a good idea to check the tire pressure and tread depth along with brake depth. Some other checks that should be inspected regularly include: Lights, grease tandem, brake shoes, brake drums, cams, cam bushings, torque arms/torque arm bushings, equalizers/equalizer bushings, springs/hangers, air ride suspension/bushings, doors/seals and dolly legs/supports.

Each of the items on this list should be checked for defects. If no defects are found, you’re rolling. If defects are found, you should consider whether the issue needs immediate repair or replacement. If it doesn’t need corrected immediately, don’t push it off too long. Get defective parts replaced as soon as you can.


A pre-trip inspection is not only a good idea, it’s mandatory. And doing a thorough and correct inspection will keep you safe and moving on the road. At North Dixie Truck and Trailer, Inc. our maintenance department is fully certified and experienced to make sure a thorough inspection is a painless procedure. Call our maintenance department today at 419-221-3750 or visit our website to schedule an appointment today.



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