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With 15.5 million trucks operating in the United States, using 52 billion gallons of diesel fuel per year and a projection that in 30 years the trucking industry will be hauling 45% more goods across this great country of ours; suggesting that the trucking industry jump on the bandwagon and “go green” shouldn’t be a groundbreaking revelation or thought. The benefits of going green not only will impact the environment positively but the benefits will extend into the pockets from all the savings that go along with being green. Here are our tips for truckers to go green:


The United States Environmental Protection Agency suggests that improving the aerodynamics of your truck and trailer could potentially improve your fuel economy up to 15% and save nearly you $4,000 in fuel costs. Adding aerodynamic technologies such as mud flaps, nose cone, trailer skirts or a trailer tail will give you greener rig.


Check Yourself

The way a driver drives can impact the “greenness” of the trip. How the driver shifts (shifting late will cost you), fast starts and hard stops, and speeding (even over 5 mph) all have effects on environmental sustainability.



Missing turns can burn up a lot of diesel while trying to find a place to turn around. Having a GPS that provides the driver with turn by turn directions will save time and money.


Limit Idling

Idling your truck for long periods of time could lead to potential engine problems, is a waste of money and pollutes the air. Shut your engine off if it is not absolutely necessary to have on. If you are sleeping or live in your trailer, consider using onboard auxiliary power units or truck stop electrification to keep the power going.


Regular Maintenance

You put a lot of times and miles on your truck it’s important that you have regular inspections, lubrication, adjustments, cleaning, testing, repair, and replacement of worn parts. Regular maintenance will ensure your rig is operating at its fullest potential.


Making sustainable adjustments to your fleet will have a big impact on the environment and your bottom line. Going green is truly a win-win for everyone.
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