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U-Bolts are a crucial part to your truck’s suspension.  These bolts keep the leaf springs of your suspension tied together.  Without these, your truck’s suspension wouldn’t exist.  Now the true question is, how do you take care of them and what are the signs of a failing u-bolt?


Before Every Trip, Check U-Bolts

Hauling a load with a truck can put a lot of pressure on the suspension depending on how heavy the load is.  The heavier the load, the more pressure the leaf spring and u-bolt take, thus causing problems.  If they were to break off, that could spell doom to not only your load, but potentially your rig.  That’s why you should just make a habit of checking them before every trip.


Loose U-Bolts

When checking your u-bolts, there are several factors to consider.  If your u-bolts are loose in any way, please tighten them as soon as you can.  Tightening them won’t damage them at all.  If you don’t properly tighten them, it could just pop right off and ruin your truck’s suspension.


Cracked U-Bolt

Another issue that can arise with u-bolts are cracks.  Cracks can happen with any piece of equipment, but a u-bolt is more serious than others.  If you do see a crack in your u-bolts, replace them as soon as possible.



When trying to figure out if your u-bolts need changed, take into consideration the amount rust that they may have.  Rust can weaken the structure of the u-bolt giving it a greater likelihood of busting apart.  If your u-bolts are getting rusty, it may be time to swap them out for some new ones.


A u-bolt can be easily forgettable, but it is still a crucial part of any truck.  Keeping up on proper u-bolt maintenance can help keep your rig out on the open road.   Getting u-bolts aren’t expensive to buy.  They just may take some time to put back on, but it is completely worth it.  You can’t put a price on the safety of yourself and your rig, that’s why you should.do your routine pre-drive checks and add extra emphasis on your u-bolts.

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