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If you’re a driver, then you know without a shadow of a doubt how important safety is. Being safe is what gets you and everyone you’re sharing the road with home at the end of the day. Before you start any job, a pre-trip inspection of your rig must be done. In a time driven industry such as ours, it’s easy to get complacent and breeze through your pre-trip inspection. But here’s the thing, in doing so you could end up costing someone their life.

A thorough pre-trip inspection should take a driver anywhere from 30 – 50 minutes to complete. As shared previously, all the boxes should be checked for thorough investigation and inspection in the following areas:

— The Engine

— The Transmission

— The Clutch

— The Steering Mechanism

— The Horn

— Windshield Wipers/Washers

— Rear Vision Mirrors

— Lighting Devices and Reflectors

— Parking Brake

— Service Brakes

— Air Lines/Light Lines

— Coupling Devices

— Tires

— Wheels and Rims

— Emergency Equipment


While most areas get looked at, there are certain aspects during an inspection that should get a closer look. Here are some commonly overlooked inspection items that you should give a closer look to before your next haul:


This is not a job that can be simply done in 2 minutes. Time should be spent checking your truck’s brakes inside and out. This includes checking your slack adjuster and that it is properly adjusted, airlines are in good shape and show no signs of damage,

A Clean Cab

You may not think a clean cab is important but it is. A garbage filled cab quickly become dangerous. Old pop bottles get lodged under a pedal obstructing your ability to use them, a dash filled with papers and other articles can prevent proper defrosting and defogging. Bottom line, keep things tidy.

Emergency Kit

Emergency kits are required but when was the last time you checked it to make sure items such as spare fuses or circuit breakers, warning hazard triangles and a fire extinguisher accounted for. Take your inspection a step further and clean your hazard triangles of any dirt from a previous use, test your fuses and breakers, and be sure you fire extinguisher is up to date.


Checking your lights is a no-brainer, but what about your reflectors? Reflectors greatly increase your visibility at night. Check your reflectors for cracks, dirt or anything that may impair their visibility. If reflectors have been weathered and worn to the point that they are no longer effective, be sure to replace them before your next trip.


A poor pre-trip inspection could cause serious issues so be diligent during your next pre-trip inspection and never skip over even a minor detail.


At North Dixie Truck and Trailer, Inc. our maintenance department is fully certified and experienced to make sure a thorough inspection is a painless procedure. Call our maintenance department today at 419-221- 3750 to schedule an appointment today.


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