Harvest Season

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Harvest season is rapidly approaching and that means increased traffic on the roads, getting caught behind harvesters and other machinery, and shorter nights. Driving your truck is already challenging, but having to maneuver through this season is even more hectic. You need to make sure your rig is properly prepared for the element that you may face out there. Here are some important things to remember when preparing your rig for the upcoming harvest season.

Get Your Brakes Checked
This seems like a no brainer for most people, but this is definitely something that you can’t take lightly. During harvest season, you may need to make a lot of unexpected stops depending on your route. If you take a rural route, you will probably run into tractors and combines on the way to your destination. That being said, you will need to have sharp breaks to combat the slower moving vehicles that you will encounter. The constant stopping and starting can wear down your breaks over time, which is more of a reason to make sure your brakes are up to code.

Pack Warmer Clothes in Rig Cabin
This is another common sense tip, but some people still don’t do it. Harvest season is during the fall months and that means the day may be a decent temperature, but nights can be very cold at times. If your truck does break down, you need to be prepared to hunker down until someone gets you. Do not take the weather or your rig for granted. No matter if you check your rig and everything turns out fine, something could happen and it could potentially leave you stranded. That’s why it is important to always prepare for the elements and pack a sweatshirt and long pants just in case something odd like that happens.

Check Your Windshield Wiper Fluid and Wipers
Not a lot of people would put a whole lot of emphasis on windshield wiper fluid, but it could potentially get you and your truck out of a lot of danger. During the harvest season, there is dust flying all across the air. That dust will somehow find its way to your windshield causing it to get dirty. Sometimes you won’t be able to see because the dust is caked on there, which is why it is important to have your windshield wiper fluid at full capacity so you can clear the dust from the windshield. Having great wipers also goes hand in hand with everything. If your wipers are poor, it will just smear the dust all over the window, thus decreasing your visibility.

Check The Tread On Your Tires
Sometimes people take their tires for granted and think that they will never go out or wear down over time. Well, unfortunately, they can and they can get you and your rig into serious problems. With minimal tire tread, it could lead to losing traction on the road, especially when it rains. There could still be farm traffic even if it rains and if your tire doesn’t have any tread or grip on them, your brakes can only help so much and end up colliding with someone. So make sure, before heading back on the road for another delivery, that you do the penny test to make sure your tires have good tread on them. The penny test is simply putting a penny in the tread of your tires and if Abe Lincoln’s head is not fully showing, your tires should be in good shape. If you can see his whole head, it’s time to swap those tires out.

The main thing to remember is to just use your head during the harvest season. Be understanding of the farm machinery on the roads and be diligent when passing them or following them. If you make the routine checks on your truck, plus some of the extra items mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t have any problems keeping you and your rig in great condition during this upcoming harvest season.

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