Preparing Your Rig for Winter

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Winter will be here before we know it; is your rig prepared to take on winter’s harshest conditions? Here are some tips for preparing your rig for winter:

Coolant System

Coolant, or antifreeze, is an essential for your truck during the winter months, that is why this is the first thing on the list for preparing your rig for winter. Typically, coolant lasts for about 24 months. So if its been 2 years since you’ve flushed out old coolant and added fresh, then it’s time to get that done. You will also want to give the whole coolant system a close look to check hoses for leaks, clamps are properly working and that the coolant level is full. Additionally, you will want to be sure you are using a high-quality coolant to ensure efficiency and protection.  


Battery Care

Cold weather is hard on batteries, making it difficult to charge and reducing the life you should expect from a battery. Check the battery’s state of charge to determine if has enough life to get you through the winter. If the battery is over 3 years and has been through previous winter’s, consider getting an early replacement to avoid potential problems.


Tire Condition

Tires require more attention during the winter months. Checking your tire condition will be an on-going task and should be done meticulously during every pre-trip inspection.  You will want to give a close examination of all your tire’s tread thickness and be sure they are at proper pressure levels. It’s also a good idea to pack some tire chains in case you encounter some severe weather.


Treat Your Diesel

Because diesel fuel gels when it gets cold, it’s important to remember to treat your diesel fuel with an anti-gel additive once the weather turns to freezing conditions. Treating your diesel is really easy, simply put the anti-gel additive in your rig’s fuel tank before fueling up.   


Prepare for Anything

Life out on the road is certainly unpredictable, that’s why should be prepared for anything and everything. Have an emergency kit prepared, stocked with a first aid kit, water, jumper cables, road flares, reflective triangles, fire extinguisher, non-perishable food, gloves, blankets…. Pretty much anything you would need if god forbid you were stranded in freezing temperatures.


If you need some help preparing your rig for winter NDI is a one-stop shop for getting the job done. Just stop by our store today at 2084 North Dixie Highway, Lima, Ohio 45801 or call us at 419-222-8785 to make an appointment. And if an emergency does strike, our 24/7 Emergency Service line is always ready to help, 1-800-440-9523.

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