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If there was ever a fairly fitting quote for truckers during the month of June, it’s probably this one from an unknown author: “Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy.” Why is this so fitting now? Because June is National Safety Month, and safety normally comes from a state of mind.

And for truckers that state of mind can tie back to pre-trip checks, annual maintenance checks, safe road practices, etc. But safety also means being prepared for an emergency, something you couldn’t foresee or couldn’t control or couldn’t see a mechanic fore. A situation that could result from bad weather or a bad accident or the like.

So the key is to be prepared, to have all the essentials you’ll need when an accident occurs. So here’s a great list of everything you should have in your Trucker’s Emergency Kit. One note: Depending on how far you regularly haul, you might be stranded for longer periods of time. So some items on our list may require more of depending how far you drive from home.

Depositphotos_22845654_mEmergency Kit

—     Water: One gallon for day-long drivers. Three or more gallons of water for regional drivers.

—     Food: Enough for two days, including protein bars, for day-long drivers. Five days worth of food for regional drivers. Also, a can opener, eating utensils, bowls, cups.

—     Road flares.

—     Caution triangles to set on the road.

—     Cell Phone and charger.

—     CB and emergency radio.

—     Cash and a nationally accepted credit card.

—     Trucker atlas

—     Extra clothes (seasonal), gloves a hat, sunglasses

—     Medical supplies: A first aid kit, pain relievers, bandages, wet wipes and updated medical emergency contact information.

—     Flashlight and extra batteries

—     Tools: If you don’t do your own maintenance, you might not have your own tool kit on the road. So make sure you have some basic tools just in case — A hammer, screwdrivers (flathead, Phillips head), Allen wrenches, pliers and a Leatherman knife or Swiss Army Knife.

—     Soap, washcloths, cleaning supplies, wet wipes.

—     Sleeping bag and pillow

—     Candles and waterproof matches



If you’re starting to put your safety kit together, start with North Dixie Truck and Trailer, Inc.’s parts store today. We’ve got everything from the best tires to caution triangles to every part a truck driver needs to make sure he or she stays safe and secure for the trip. Call us at 419-222-8785 or visit us at 2084 North Dixie Highway, Lima, Ohio 45801. And if an emergency does strike and you need help immediately, call our 24-hour emergency hotline today at 1-800-440-9523.

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