Service Division Maintenance being performed

If quick servicing is what you need, that is what you will receive.

In our Service Division, small repairs are done immediately, larger repairs are estimated with the amount and description of repairs brought to your attention, to ensure you are aware of every detail before the work begins. Testing and preventative maintenance is also offered.

North Dixie Truck and Trailer maintenance area has 16 bays, two hunter alignment systems and a wheel balancing machine that allow us to get your trailers in and out fast. Our state-of-the-art shop is equipped to work on a variety of trucks and trailers. Additionally we have 3 Emergency Service Vehicles for your repair needs.

Federal Certified Testing
Our certified testers can assist you with the following required federal tests
  • HM 183 Testing
  • MC330-331 Testing
  • Vapor Recovery Testing
  • Wet Mag Testing