Runaway Truck Ramps

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Hopefully, you will never find yourself driving down a mountain pass fully loaded and realize that your brakes are failing. In that situation, you would begin looking for the off-ramp that leads uphill and eliminates the needs for brakes. These ramps rely on the additional friction created by sand or gravel with the additional slow-down effect of an incline. Read more »

Ideas for Fleet Improvement: Part 2

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As you continue to make changes and evaluate your goals for 2017 as a fleet, take a few minutes to continue the final few items that will assist you in setting goals and implementing changes to build community and a successful fleet that will sustain time and money saving habits and benefit everyone involved. Here are more ideas for fleet improvement: Read more »

Ideas for Fleet Improvement: Part 1

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As we enter into a new year and personal resolutions are made and often forgotten just as quickly as they are made, it’s important for businesses and fleets to assess ways to save money and time in repairs and downtime as well as continue to create a sense of community and loyalty among staff, technicians and drivers. Here are 4 ideas for fleet improvement for the new year: Read more »


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Downtime happens. Parts break, repairs are necessary and for a time (hopefully short) you have a downed vehicle. Because you are aware of this you have budgeted for the cost of downtime but researchers have found that the cost is typically a lot higher than the amount anticipated, in some cases 8 times more annually. Let’s take a close look at the costs and how to avoid them so that your fleet runs as efficiently as possible. Read more »

Things to look for in a truck repair shop

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When it comes to looking for a repair shop for big rig, it’s important to not choose just any old repair shop. Your time is money and it’s essential you choose a repair shop that will get the job done right the first time. It’s critical, that you do a little research on truck repair companies before your trust them with your rig. So what are the things to look for in a truck repair shop? Well, we’re here to tell you the top qualities to consider. Read more »

Common problems with air springs

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An air suspension system is a type of truck suspension that is an engine-driven air pump or compressor, that pumps air into a rubber tube, which will then expand and raise the chassis from the axle. Air suspension systems have two main purposes. First, it’s job is to keep you feeling comfortable so you can enjoy a smooth ride. And secondly, it’s there to ensure safety by maintaining proper ride height. You can run into trouble if the air springs, which is a main component of an air suspension system, begins to show signs of wear or they are broken. Read more »

fleet technology

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We live in a word where if you’re not moving forward with the new advancements, you’ll quickly get left behind. So do yourself a favor and optimize your fleet’s performance and efficiency by embracing and adapting to all the new technology available in the trucking industry. Although the initial investment may be pricey, long term thinking will prove that it is well worth the investment.  

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Properly Securing Your Load

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Losing cargo is just plain bad business all around. The fallen material will more than likely be too damaged or lost meaning a complete delivery will not be met. Additionally, fallen cargo can cause major damage to the road and (more importantly) to the other vehicles around you. This all adds up to big bucks, affecting your bottom line and reputation. Safety is key when shipping cargo on a flatbed trailer and properly securing your load is a skill that must be mastered before hitting the road. Read more »