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Truck drivers come across road hazards on a daily basis, it’s simply a fact of the life. It could come in the form of a poorly placed road sign or an inefficient highway entry or exit ramp. Maybe even a driver distracted by a cell phone. These types of hazards can cause accidents that could lead to lost time on the road, lost money, injury and even death.

Whether you’re just starting your career as a truck driver, or need some reminders from time to time, June – National Safety Month – is a great time to take a look at some examples of safety dangers that can pop up from time to time on the road. Being aware of what they are and spotting them immediately is a big way to keep yourself safe on each trip.


Dangerous Embankments

If you encounter a curvy road, the outer edge should be raised at an incline. If it is too steep or not elevated enough, it could lead to unnecessary danger.


Badly Positioned Barriers or Guardrails

Barriers and guardrails are made to stop head-on collisions from occurring and to help vehicles stay on the correct side of the road.


Inefficient Highway Entry and Exit Ramps

An efficient highway entry or exit ramp allows for traffic to move while allowing vehicles to merge and change lanes easily. Many times this does not happen when there is highway construction. It becomes more difficult to see if there are people driving in lane you want to merge in and can cause accidents.


Illogical or Non-visible Road Markings

The intention of the road markings are to guide drivers in the right direction, with reflective surfaces to maintain lanes at night or in bad weather. It also shows when it is safe to pass another vehicle. If these are for some reason not visible, they complicate the ability to navigate the road and avoid an accident.


Dangerous Road Surfaces

Uneven, inconsistent or dangerous road surfaces can be the major factor of an accident.


If there is enough shoulder space along the road, it keeps drivers safe because it gives them extra room between the edge of the road and a barrier or a ditch. Wide shoulders also allow drivers to pull off the side of the road out of harm’s way in case of an emergency.


Non-visible or Poorly Placed Road Signage or Traffic Lights

Signs are put up to give notice of approaching intersections, sharp turns, animal crossings, etc. They should be positioned in obvious locations and lit up for maximum visibility.


Staying aware and away from these hazards can help you avoid a bad situation, whether it’s so you avoid these dangers or simply to keep an eye on the drivers around you when these obstacles occur. Be aware and be safe at all times, your job and you life may depend on it.


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