Which Truck Stop Do You Choose?

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Every trucker, from New York to California, needs to take a break every once in awhile. Where you stop often depends on what you need, and obviously where you are on the road.

But before you pull off at the absolute nearest truck stop, make sure you know exactly what you need or want, and what amenities will be able to provide that. This will ultimately help you feel fully refreshed and satisfied when you get back behind the wheel.

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Is your rig in need of a clean?

If your truck or trailer is in need of a good clean, it’d be a good idea to look for a rest stop with wash stations. Being able to take advantage of time and resources during your stop will pay off in the end, and will be a good use of your time.

Do you need to work out or wash up?

Some truck stops can provide you with fitness centers and shower facilities. Even if you don’t want to work out, it might be good to go for a walk or shoot some hoops.

Pilot Flying J is one truck stop that often has fitness centers. When you need to stretch your legs and get the blood flowing again, be sure to look out for a stop that has opportunities for exercise.

Is your pet coming along for the ride?

If your dog (or any other pet) is coming along with, make sure to find a facility that could accommodate them as well. They will thank you!

Most rest stops have walking areas where you can take your pet on a stroll, and some others may offer pet washes, and pet food for sale.

Do you need a DOT physical done?

Some truck stops have medical services where you can get a physical done during your rest break. TA, Petro, and Pilot Flying J are some of the stops that offer this at select locations. You could get your physical knocked out and not have to worry about it later!

When searching for stops that offer these services, make sure that they are FMCSA certified. You want it to be worth your time!

Remember these tips when you’re feeling ready to take a rest break. Before your trip, check the truck stops along the route and go online to see what facilities they offer. So when you’re on the road and ready to stop for awhile, you’ll be sure that your rest break is productive and relaxing.

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