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If you’ve never been stuck on the side of the road during a snow storm, you’re either very lucky or you understand the importance of winterizing your vehicle.

Whether it be a semi-truck or car, winterizing your vehicle is such an important thing to maintain top performance while avoiding, or surviving, a bad situation.

First of all, there many things you should check and inspect to winterize your truck or car. Fantastic mechanics like those at North Dixie Truck, Inc. are the best way to get your truck thoroughly winterized.

Until then, we’ve got the three top tips to help you keep your truck or car winterized this season.

1. Make an emergency kit

Just like the Boy Scouts preach, always be prepared. Should the worst happen and you get stuck and have to wait for help, an emergency kit is a critical tool.

  • Pack extra food and medical supplies.
  • Pack extra cold-weather gear like blankets, gloves, scarves and hats. Solid boots are also a good idea.
  • Flares are a very handy tool also for trying to flag down help.
  • An extra radio is another good tool.
  • Extra coolant, washer fluid and engine oil is a must.

2. Check the battery and electrical system

  • Cold is brutal on batteries. The low temperatures drain batteries faster so it is very important to check the age, condition and life-cycle of your batteries. Perform a load test on each one.
  • Check the alternator and starter also.
  • Inspect the electrical wiring for frays or other damage. Plus, you should look to see if there are any loose, exposed or hanging wires where ice and snow can collect.

3. Inspect hoses, tires, belts and the cooling system

  • Anything that’s worn, damaged or cracked is only going to get worse in the winter. Make a detailed check list and go through it one-by-one. Start at the front of your truck or vehicle and work around it, checking the hoses, belts and tires. As you do this, make notes for what needs to be replaced.
  • Inspect hoses for bulges, which might be weak spots, and make sure hose clamps are secure and undamaged.
  • When it comes to tires, make sure they are inflated to the correct pressure. If you use tire chains, make sure none are twisted or damaged and double-check that you have the right number of chains.
  • Check your radiator for leaks. Plus, add a winter-blend antifreeze and test the freeze point and additive concentration.

4) Need a few more tips? It’s also a good idea to check…

  • The air drying system
  • The air compressor
  • The heater system
  • The exhaust system.
  • Also, check the oil, the wiper fluid and the wiper blades.

These are some great tips to get your vehicle winterized. However, for a thorough check make sure you have a certified mechanic from North Dixie Truck and Trailer, Inc. to make sure you’re ready to be safe this winter.

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