Characteristics of Successful Truck Drivers

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As with any job, there are good and bad aspects to the job; and what is considered good and bad often depend on your personality and characteristics that match the challenges. Because truck driving is a career with a high turnover, you will want to evaluate the challenges and see how they fit with your outlook on life. Here are some characteristics of successful truck drivers:


Great Driver

With a career in driving, it stands to reason that the first priority is to be a good driver with a great driving record. If your driving skills needs some work, you might want to take a little time to practice before taking on the responsibility of driving a semi-truck. Also, keep in mind that once you have your CDL and have been on the road, you will need to continue good driving practices. Your record will be pulled annually, per federal requirements, and your employer will ensure that you are a safe and reliable driver.


Enjoy Working Alone

Obviously, drivers spend a lot of time alone in the cab of the truck. Some people thoroughly enjoy careers where working independently a majority of the time. If you do not mind spending extensive time alone with your thoughts then driving a truck may be a great career option for you.


Reliable and Responsible

As you have probably already learned, not every person feels responsible for their actions.  As a driver, you’re carrying a big load of responsibility, both metaphorically and literally. When you are driving alone on your routes and deliveries, you are the only person responsible for the goods you’re carrying, that the product arrive on time and to the right location. A sense of responsibility to this obligation is key to the job as a truck driver.


Another area of responsibility is actual responsibility on the road even when other drivers are not behaving responsibly. At times it is hard to resist the urge to retaliate when it seems others do not care about those around them. Responsibility and maturity are behaving correctly even when others are not.


Can Deal Well With Stress

Speaking of being responsible when others are not, driving a truck means that you are technically surrounded by people all day, in vehicles on the road. As we already mentioned, not everyone behaves responsibly and at times this can lead to high levels of stress. Between bad drivers, traffic delays, and weather, you can get held up in your delivery which can further add to your stress. If you stay cool under pressure and do not rattle easily, then you are an excellent candidate for driving professionally.


Being a truck driver may not be for you, or you may completely enjoy it. If you are interested in getting your CDL and driving a truck you will want to take some of these factors into consideration and evaluate if this is the career for you.


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