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We live in a word where if you’re not moving forward with the new advancements, you’ll quickly get left behind. So do yourself a favor and optimize your fleet’s performance and efficiency by embracing and adapting to all the new technology available in the trucking industry. Although the initial investment may be pricey, long term thinking will prove that it is well worth the investment.  


Equipping your fleet with navigational devices or GPS, will ensure that trucks take the best and most accurate route possible. Devices are now able to spot upcoming traffic and construction, so if an alternate route will be available to drivers quickly. Additionally, missing turns can burn up a lot of diesel while trying to find a place to turn around. Having a GPS that provides the driver with turn by turn directions will save time and money.


Collision Avoidance Systems

Think of how expensive accidents are. Collision avoidance systems is a technology that is able to modulate the throttle and adjust the speed as needed based on the traffic ahead; applying the brakes when a collision is likely. Having the ability to avoid a wreck with a system like this is well worth the investment.


Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

Whether you like it or not, by December 16, 2019, this is a technology you will not be able to avoid having because it will be mandated by law that fleets have this installed in all trucks. An ELD is a device that will synchronize with a vehicle’s engine to automatically record driving time. This will provide more accurate hours of service and eliminate the need for drivers to maintain paper logs; saving time, money and accuracy.



The new technologies over the years for engine diagnostic trouble codes or fault codes has been a game changer for maintenance teams and fleet operations. Diagnostic trouble codes have been real a help to fleets to stay ahead of potential problems by monitoring the health and functionality of their rigs. By having the ability to keep tabs on engine functionality such as intake valve issues, coolant temperatures and battery voltage, you are able to run more efficient trucks and save money in the long run.    


AR & Invoicing

Streamlining your accounts payable and invoicing to an automated workflow solutions and digital solutions can help reduce costs and errors, as well as, increase efficiency. Taking advantage of this technology can also provide accurate data on the spot and make reporting as simple as hitting a couple buttons.


Don’t let the initial cost, training and adaptation stop you from bringing your fleet and operation up to date with all the new technology in the industry. Not only will you notice a positive impact to you operational functionality but you will notice a cost savings too. We promise, it won’t be as scary as you think and your life will be made easier.
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