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There has been a time on the road when we have had an experience with a bad driver or multiple bad drivers. Maybe they cut you off, were hogging the road, tailgating you, or ran through a red light. No matter the incident, it’s important that you handle the situation properly to avoid an escalated situation. Here are some helpful solutions to handling bad drivers.

Stay calm. Even though you are upset at another driver, letting your blood boil can distract you from driving. In just one instance of being distracted, you lose focus and may not notice the other vehicles around you. This can lead to other accidents on the road, so it is important to always stay calm.

Give other vehicles a sufficient amount of space. If you notice an aggressive driver who is swerving or cutting people off, make sure to give the vehicle space. This gives you a chance to avoid an accident from that vehicle, and if others notice you distancing yourself, it can also protect them as well.

The flash twice rule. Sometimes a slow driver might go in the left lane (which is also known as the fast lane). In this case, it would be applicable to flash the driver twice. This lets them know that they might want to get into the right lane so you can get around. Wait patiently, and if that doesn’t work, go past them quickly in the right lane.

Most importantly, always stay alert. Assume that everyone is out to get you; this helps you to stay focus and ready for any driver. If anything were to happen, you would be ready for it and prepare for it. Not only does this keep you safe, but it keeps the other drivers around you safe as well.

Then, there are those drivers who often run red lights. In this scenario, it would be advised to honk at the car. Sometimes, drivers are texting on their phones and do not realize they ran a red light, and a honk will bring them “back to reality”. Hopefully this will make them realize what they have done wrong and pay more attention to the road.

If you ever do find yourself in a bad situation as a truck driver, remember North Dixie Truck and Trailer, Inc. offers 24/7 emergency services. Simply call us at 1-800-440-9523 and we’ll be right there to help get you back on the road.

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