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If you’ve ever had a breakdown at any point in your trucking career, you know how much of a hassle it can be to wait for roadside assistance when you have your full load in the back needing delivered. We’re here to tell you about the leading causes of truck breakdowns.


  • Tires


Today, tire problems account for a quarter of all road calls and are the second most common cause for a violation. Tires can cause an out-of-service violation even if they are properly inflated due to missing tread, low tread depth, etc. If you find any of these problems, they should be dealt with in the pre-trip inspection.


  • Towing


We’re sure you’re aware, but we’ll remind you again anyway: towing is expensive and will always require finishing up at a repair shop.


  • Brakes


The list of issues causing brake problems include: internal water and contamination in air supply and control system, oil passing from compressor, external contamination and corrosion, air pressure leakage, brake system pressure and timing imbalance, reduced foundation brake performance, and ineffective maintenance practices. Brake-related problems are likely to draw out-of-service citations, which means a call-out before the truck can even be moved.

Include regular and consistent brake inspections and service with original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-level components as part of preventative maintenance. The OEM should work closely with the company selling the product to customize designs based on the needs.


  • Electrical


Different categories for electrical problems include: cranking system, charging system, and lighting. These problems are a result of reduction of idle time and increasing loads from comfort requirements. A couple things you can do: manage the electrical loads and be aware of added loads. If you have the truck repaired at a shop, after it is completed, flag the truck and check to see what had been done by the repair shop to make sure everything has been corrected properly. Another thing that might help your lighting troubles is to switch to LEDs, even in existing equipment.


  • Fuel Systems


A large number of these calls for fuel systems is for running out of fuel. Fuel system problems could also include running out of diesel exhaust fluid, which is 100% preventable, but does happen.


  • Cooling System


Any issues with cooling systems is almost always related to connections. The more you have, the greater the potential the loss of coolant. If you have issues identifying coolant pump and thermostat problems, the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report could help you.

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